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The Pike San Isabel National Forest has started a Travel Management Planning process which will modify which routes wheeled motorized vehicles are allowed on; what types of vehicles are allowed on certain routes, and what seasons vehicles are allowed on certain routes.

Initial public scoping has begun for this multi-year planning process, and initial comments were due September 8, 2016.

We will let you know when further comments are due, likely in the fall of 2919,


Note: In 2012 The Chaffee County Commissioners decided to open 6  additional county roads to OHV use.
Please continue to voice your concerns about this issue to the Chaffee County Commissioners, staff, sheriff etc.

     kbaker@chaffeecounty.org, gfelt@chaffeecounty.org, jdavis@chaffeecounty.org,bchristianse@chaffeecounty.org, pbaldwin@chaffeecounty.org

Read "ATVs Bad for Wildlife" a recent LTE on the Chaffee County Road proposal by clicking here 

Please continue to document and report illegal and unauthorized use of Chaffee County roads by OHVs to the Chaffee County Sheriff. (719-539-2596)

    QUC members have collected documentation of contined illegal and unauthorized OHV activity on Chaffee County Roads that are open to unlicensed OHVs. Click here to view a pdf. file documenting this.  There are specific additional regulations that apply to unlicensed OHVs using the few Chaffee County roads that are open to this use.  These regulations (such as requiring riders to possess a motor vehicle operator's license, to ride single file, etc.) are regularly ignored by many OHV users because they are different from the public land route regulations.  
    Although Chaffee County has recently improved their OHV educational signage, many riders are still unaware of these regulations.

    With the creation of a new trail from Ruby Mtn, there are ~ 7 miles of designated trails available for hikers and horseback riders in the Browns Canyon Wilderness Study Area.
The intersections and confusing areas of these trails are marked with rock cairns, and users should expect semi-primitive routes appropriate for Wilderness.
    Click here to view a basic map of the designated trails in the Browns Canyon Wilderness Study Area.

   Read about how preserving and conserving land as Wilderness is an idea which crosses political and ideological boundaries by clicking here.

    Read about and view one sportsman's opinion on videos showing snowmobilers chasing Moose and problems with the inability to identify and catch OHV users that damage/impact resources by clicking here.  There are links to the video showing a snowmobiler senselessly chasing a Moose and the DOW's statements regarding this behavior.

     Read about the frustration one quiet user experienced while trying to confront and stop damaging unauthorized motorized use in one local Chaffee county area.
  Click here to read "Confronting Scofflaws".
   Note:   Colorado County Sheriffs and State Police do have the authority to enforce federal travel regulations on public lands in Colorado.  HB 1069-08 , The Cooperative Enforcement Bill,  gives any State of Colorado peace officer the authority to enforce restrictions or regulations regarding travel on BLM or Forest Service Lands in the state. 
   Go to our 'How you can Help" section for more information on reporting unauthorized use.

On 7/16/10 The Colorado State Parks Board voted to significantly modify the State OHV Grant program and process.  This action is a major victory for Colorado public lands and all those who value these lands and recreate on them.   Read a report on this here
   Thanks to everyone who contributed to this effort and realized this action was the correct thing to do.

Read about proposed legislation to increase (more than double in some cases) the fines for activities like unauthorized OHV use (abuse) on federal lands by clicking here

Read  a Denver Post investigative report that revealed abuse and identified problems with the CO State OHV grant system, and efforts to reform it, by clicking here

Another opinion piece from the Denver Post talks about how one quiet user has been displaced from his long time haunts by OHV use.  Read it by clicking here.

The Denver Post recently contained an editorial calling for better safety regulations and restrictions for ATV use, noting that  at least 24 people have died in ATV accidents from mid March to July in the West.  Read "An appeal to reduce the West's ATV carnage" by clicking here.

The Denver Post recently had a Sunday edition front page article on recreation, access and travel planning on Colorado public lands.  read it by clicking here

The QUC received some recognition for its recent efforts in the May 2009 issue of Colordo Central magazine.  Pick up a copy and read  "Volunteers assist with BLM Travel Management Plan in Chaffee County" on page 11.

Read about the continuing saga of the route conversion described below:  "Of Road Closures and Travel Management" by clicking here.

One quiet user was very happy that the BLM turned a damaging road into a quiet trail, as a decision made in the Ark. River BLM travel management plan.   Five QUC volunteers helped BLM staff make this conversion a reality on the ground during a recent work day.  Read about it by clicking here

The BLM recognizes that vandalism and trash dumping are problems, and is stepping up enforcement and awareness to prevent this.  Recent projects that QUC volunteers worked on were vandalized (these have now been repaired).  Read about it by clicking here. 

Visitation to National Forests have declined 13% over the last 8 years, and one theory as to why is the increase in off highway vehicle use makes it harder to find solitude.  Read the full story by clicking here.

     The Pike San Isabel National Forest has released a number of Motor Vehicle Use Maps.  These maps are an enforcement tool and define and delineate where motorized use (except for snowmobile use) is allowed on Forest Service land.  The Leadville Ranger District map (along with others) is available online by clicking here

   Check out our new Quiet Places pages on the menu at left, which will detail quiet places to go in the upper Arkansas Valley.  We have a great selection of the best winter xc ski and snowshoe trails posted there now.

  Both the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News Newspapers recently published editorials supporting the regulation of motorized use by the USDA Forest Service, and a recent New York Times newspaper called for similar action also.

See "Off-road riders are on notice" from the Denver Post 8/31/07 by clicking here

Read "Off road and out of line" from the 9/2/07 Rocky Mountain News by clicking here

Read "Nature Overrun" from the 1/08/08 New York Times by clicking here

Our Pike San Isabel Forest Supervisor Bob Leaverton also feels that it is his responsibility to provide for a safe place to get away from it all on precious public lands, and to manage degrading and dangerous activities like irresponsible motorized use.  Read his letter to the editor from the Rocky Mountain News by clicking here.

*Our presentation of "Mtn Cyling Mt. Elbert and other climbing adventures" Nov 17 in Salida was huge. Everyone enjoyed Dave Morison's fantastic 3D slides.
Proceeds benefitted the QUC and the Salida Mountain Trails Group


* You can view a .pdf version of the spring Quiet Use Coalition newsletter by clicking here .  

     *The performances of "E.S. Curtis and the North American Indians, A Sacred Legacy"  by Paul Unks were very successful. Thank you Paul!
     You can go to www.curtisprints.net or phone 303-740-8869 to purchase prints.

     *Our recent free hikes over the past few months were well attended. 
Please go to our Events page for information on upcoming QUC hikes, volunteer opportunities and programs. 

 QUC making noise
    Read an essay by Patty Lataille on the Quiet Use Coalition and the right to enjoy quiet in the July 2006 issue of Colorado Central magazine.
   Read "It's time to set aside some space for quiet" from the Colorado Central archives by clicking here

    Quiet Use supporter F.R. Pamp recently had an opinion piece in the March 3, 2007 Sunday edition of the Denver Post.  To read "A Quiet Section of Heaven" 
click here

    Numerous QUC members attended and presented programs at the  well attended Quiet Commotion Summit in Glenwood Springs.
    Read the article from the Denver Post on this conference, "A Quest for Quiet" by clicking  here

 Volunteer Work Projects 
    Our ~30 volunteer projects protecting and preserving public land were a huge success in 2006-2009.  We spent thousands of total volunteer hours with the USDA Forest Service  and BLM repairing damaged roads, trails, and protecting land, wildlife and habitat.  
     These projects are a great way to spend a fun, interesting and educational day in a beautiful natural location.  You will be working with like minded people to actually make a difference.

    Thanks to everyone for their support and participation.
Please contact us for details, or check our site in the future for updates.