What is the Quiet Use Coalition?

We are a non-profit organization working to create and preserve quiet use areas on our public lands and waters, while protecting natural soundscapes and wildlife habitat.  We are concerned about quiet on Forest Service, BLM, State and County land and also roads and trails on that land and through our communities. Our group was formed over 19 years ago.  We focus mainly on issues in Chaffee and surrounding counties, but work on issues throughout Colorado.
     There has been an enormous growth in public land use in general and disruptive activities on those lands in recent years.  Unfortunately the forest is not always the quiet and peaceful place it once was and as you may remember it.  We are working to ensure that traditional “quiet users” like hikers, horseback riders, traditional hunters,  campers, wildlife watchers, fishermen, bicyclists, etc. not be displaced off public lands by newer less quiet use.   Our group originally developed the term ‘quiet use’ to describe the traditional recreation activities most prevalent on public land, and that term is now used nationwide by land managers and agencies.
     The vast majority of public land users want to experience natural sights, sounds and smells during their visit.  We know that most people visit public land to find peace, solitude and freedom from the frustrations and distractions of modern society.  We know that most of the people that live in or have moved to our area enjoy the relatively quiet peaceful nature of our communities and the surrounding areas.
     We are working for and as a voice of these quiet users, and all those who love and cherish the sensations experienced in a natural outdoor environment.
     What we do
 -We volunteer to help public land managers.  For example, we have spent thousands of volunteer hours in the field working to assist public land managers  with repairing damage, improving habitat, and enhancing areas for quiet recreation, and helping to protect the earth.  Some of our projects include repairing and preventing damage done by irresponsible recreational use.
-We act as stewards for public land.  We have adopted numerous local trails, and hike them and others and perform maintenance on them.  We want to save these special places for future generations.
-We monitor area roads, trails and open space, reporting harmful and illegal activity, and then work on ways to prevent it from occurring again and promote more responsible use.
-We work with governing land agencies to enhance, maintain and increase quiet use opportunities.  We support the pending Brown’s Canyon wilderness area, and helped keep most Chaffee Co. roads quiet.
-We educate the public and our supporters about what responsible and sustainable quiet use is, via booths at events, newsletters, etc.
-We host activities that are fun, interesting, and educational for the public.  Our group members lead hikes, walks and conduct events that promote quiet use.
-  We advocate for policies and decisions that support our mission, and then push for and assist with implantation of those decisions on the ground and in the field.
     Join Us.  We appreciate those that can donate time, money or ideas to our effort.